What's New in HSMWorks 2014

HSMWorks 2014, with support for SolidWorks 2014 software, is our most advanced HSMWorks to date. The focus for 2014 has been to build upon our foundation and provide users with greater control, greater flexibility, and greater visibility over the entire programming process.

Whether it's our updated Machine Simulation with support for the widest possible range of milling machining centers to date, or our enhanced Turning Support with greater control over the turning process - HSMWorks 2014 represents a continued refinement of practical tools our customers have grown to depend on.

Adpative 2.0 and Distributed CAM are two additional areas where users will see a significant benefit - HSMWorks 2014 represents the most powerful release to date; providing customers with greater performance; both on and off the machine.

Last, but certainly not least, HSMWorks 2014 now includes a powerful API that will give users unprecedented control over the programming process - HSMWorks 2014 provides more flexibiity to allow users to develop the most efficient processes possible for their business.


“From the beginning, we have focused on integrating HSMWorks CAM technology into our extensive portfolio of desktop and cloud-based design tools, while also continuing the development of the leading CAM solution for SolidWorks users: HSMWorks. This release delivers on that promise.” Buzz Kross, Senior Vice President - DLS, Autodesk Inc

SolidWorks 2014 Support

HSMWorks 2014 is designed to take advantage of the latest release of the popular 3D design software, SolidWorks 2014. HSMWorks has always led the industry in CAD integration with a single goal driving our product design - create a seamless integration that provides users with a truly transparent workflow.

HSMWorks 2014 Supports SolidWorks 2014

Improved Machine Simulation

Support has been added for a wider range of machine types including 5-axis machining centers. Utilization of native SolidWorks assemblies means users are able to model their machines right inside SolidWorks software without having to import STLs or dumb solids. This improved Machine Simulation provides users with the ability to visualize the machining process on the widest range of machines to date.

HSMWorks 2014 Machine Simulation 


HSMWorks 2014 introduces support for API for automating toolpath generating and post processing. The HSMWorks API allows programmers in Visual Basic .NET, C#, and C++ to create add-ins for SolidWorks which also talk/interact with HSMWorks. When combined with HSMWork's template capabilities, the new API allows a high degree of automation of routine tasks, streamlining the programming process. The full benefit can be seen when utilizing the automation within SolidWorks to generate parts and then using HSMWorks for automatically updating the toolpath and generating the associated CNC programs.

For customers looking for more the highest level of control and automation, our new API will allow them to unlock the true potential of HSMWorks and the power of an integrated workflow.

HSMWorks 2014 API 

Adaptive Clearing 2.0

Adaptive Clearing has set the bar for efficient, high volume material removal using a strategy of constant tool engagement and optimzed cutter paths to reduce cycle times, tool and machine wear, and produce quality finished parts. Enhanced multi-core support and improved linking make Adaptive Clearing 2.0 the most advanced adaptive roughing technology to date.

HSMWorks 2014 Adaptive Clearing 2.0 - Adaptive Roughing 

Distributed CAM - Now included with every license of HSMWorks

It's one thing to utilize all the cores on your workstation. HSMWorks excels at this. It's another thing when you can utilize cores on other workstations. Support for Distributed CAM, a feature of HSMWorks for over six years, is now a standard feature in HSMWorks 2014; providing users with the ability to access additional computing power on their company network through the use of a lightweight service that can be installed in minutes.

Distributed CAM leverages HSMWorks' powerful multicore support and allows users to "distribute" toolpath calculations in the background. This is not only an invaluable feature for the mold/die industry, it allows users with multi-operation jobs to see their toolpaths faster and get programs to the floor quicker. We liketo call it, Time Machining. After you see it in action we think you'll agree.

HSMWorks 2014 Distributed CAM - Multicore CAM - Time Machining

Enhanced Turning Support

New options have been added giving users greater control over toolpath creation including finer controls over leads and transitions, overlaps, roughing, and finishing passes. Additionally, turning toolpaths have been optimized to reduce machining time by improving linking and ordering, as well as control over home and retract positions.

HSMWorks 2014 - Enhanced Turning


Committed. Autodesk is committed to bringing the very best CAM possible to users of SolidWorks software. This latest release reinforces that commitment and demonstrates our commitment to providing Designers, Engineers, and experienced CNC Programmers with the CAM tools they need to quickly and easily produce the professional results they expect.

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