HSMWorks 2015 & HSMXpress 2015 Released

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Autodesk continues to deliver best-in-class CAM solutions to the SolidWorks® community with the release of HSMWorks 2015 and HSMXpress 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 29, 2013 Autodesk, Inc.today announced the release of HSMWorks 2015, our fully integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solution supporting SOLIDWORKS® 2015 software. HSMWorks, the flagship integrated CAM solution from Autodesk, is makes up the core of our integrated CAM portfolio comprised of HSMWorks, Inventor HSM, and Fusion 360’s CAM capabilities. The updates and enhancements to HSMWorks will be quickly added to these additional products, ensuring that Autodesk continues to offer the most innovative and high-performance integrated CAM technology to industry.


This launch marks the third major release of the product line since Autodesk acquired HSMWorks in October 2012, reaffirming Autodesk’s commitment to our customers regardless of which CAD system they use.

“As a long-time HSMWorks and SolidWorks customer I was anxious when Autodesk acquired a tool that had become an essential part of my manufacturing operations. With the release of HSMWorks 2015 I am more confident than ever that Autodesk is committed to the HSMWorks product and SolidWorks community.” - Steve Pearson, President and Head Engineer at Wills Wing of Orange, CA

HSMWorks 2015 supports basic and advanced strategies for CNC milling machines and turning centers. HSMXpress 2015 is a free product that focuses exclusively on 2.5D or 2-1/2 Axis milling. Both solutions provide users of SolidWorks software with powerful CAM tools in a completely integrated design to manufacturing workflow.

"We are excited to bring our HSMWorks customers, and the SolidWorks user community, the very best technology we have to offer," commented Anthony Graves, Autodesk Product Manager - CAM. "By offering SolidWorks users a truly integrated CAM solution we are able to help them bring products to market faster and take advantage of all the benefits possible with a best-in-class integrated design to manufacturing workflow."

Key highlights of this release include:

  • Support for SolidWorks 2015 software
  • Enhanced Adaptive Clearing technology for high-efficiency roughing that helps customers reduce valuable cycle time and increase machine life
  • Improved 3D simulation capabilities for customers in the mold & die industry and for those who frequently work with large models with 3D and sculpted surfaces
  • Industry leading support for the latest Intel Xeon Processors and high-end workstations such as the HP Z840 Workstation, allowing rapid toolpath calculation and post processing on 32 physical cores and 72 threads, and making it easier for customers to accommodate last minute engineering changes and get CNC programs to the shop floor faster

Additional new features include:


  • Added support for SolidWorks 2015
  • Added support for the Intel Xeon E5 v3 generation (dual CPU systems)
  • Updated Adaptive Clearing
  • Improved Turning
  • Updated Simulate and Stock Simulate Capabilities

ADAPTIVE CLEARING (High-Efficiency Roughing)

  • Added new stay-down feature for Adaptive Clearing available on the linking tab called “Stay-down level”. Use this setting to control when to stay down rather than doing retracts. If your CNC machine does slow retracts compared to high feed moves you will generally want Adaptive Clearing to stay-down more in which case you need to increase the new level setting. Note that the calculation time can increase significantly as you increase the stay-down level. The feature is turned off by default for now. The stay-down will not engage stock and hence use the no-engagement feed as the normal stay-down moves.
  • Added support for taper for helical ramps for Adaptive Clearing. This feature improves chip escape and avoids the tool shaft grinding against the stock
  • Added support for minimum axial engagement for Adaptive Clearing. Use this setting to ensure that at least one flute is always engaged during the intermediate steps to avoid chatter and reduce tool wear.
  • Improved multi-core/CPU linking performance for Adaptive Clearing.


  • Improved support for high-end multi-core/CPU workstations.
  • Added support for multi-axis tilt for Contour when using a ball end mill.
  • Improved DrillWizard handling of partially obstructed through-holes.
  • Added support for bothways machining when using chip-thinning for Face.
  • Added support for finishing pass for turning parts.
  • Improved turning profile stepdown handling when machining multiple pockets/grooves.
  • Added support for setting the maximum spindle speed per turning operation when using constant surface speed. Note that post processors must be updated accordingly to make use of this setting.
  • Added support for explicit part catcher activation for turning parting. Note that post processors must be updated accordingly to make use of this setting.


  • Added support for the Intel Xeon E5 v3 generation (dual CPU systems). This improves the Show Stock feature in Simulate in particular. You will be able to simulate realistic/common 3D toolpath in 1-2 seconds (reference system HP Z840).
  • General improvements in performance and behavior for “Simulate”.
  • Significantly faster "Fast 3D Mode" for “Stock Simulation”. Testing shows more than a factor 2-4 faster simulation for newer workstations. But depends a lot on the specific toolpath being simulated.
  • Added new position bar for Simulate for improved toolpath position control and visualization.


  • Recently used machine configurations are now directly selectable from the Job setup. The recently used machines will be displayed last and have “Recent” as prefix.
  • Extended machine configurations to describe more details about the machine like spindle power, tool holder interface, and tool changer.
  • Added support for adding descriptions for cycles. Use the page called “Cycles” in the machine configuration. This allows you to present drilling as say G81 and so on to avoid confusion. The descriptions are only for presentation and do not influence the post processor.
  • Added support for adding descriptions for work offsets. Use the page called “Work Offsets” in the machine configuration. This allows you to present work offset as say G54 and so on. The descriptions are only for presentation and do not influence the post processor.
  • Added support for fixed size box stock.


  • Added support for 3D arcs for the generic Fanuc post. Disabled by default but you can enable it by setting "allow3DArcs".
  • Added multi-axis support for the generic Thermwood post. The post supports TCP using G48.1 when available. If not available the pivot distance needs to be defined in the post.
  • Updated multi-axis support for generic ShopBot OpenSBP post.
  • Added generic ShopBot ISO post.
  • Added generic Haas UMC-750 post.
  • Added “Section.partCatcher” option for use with turning.
  • Added “Tool.maximumSpindleSpeed” option for use with constant surface speed (CSS) turning.

Since the acquisition of HSMWorks we have introduced three major produce releases and eleven incremental releases of HSMWorks and HSMXpress. 

We are excited to be one of the first, if not the first, CAM company to release a new version for SolidWorks 2015.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for HSMWorks may be obtained through a global network of Authorized HSMWorks Resellers. Interested parties may request pricing and a 30-day trial* by completing an evaluation request here > http://www.hsmworks.com/evaluate/

HSMWorks 2015 is available immediately in English, German, and Japanese languages. Support for additional languages will be announced in coming weeks.

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