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What is HSMXpress?

You’re minutes away from getting your hands on HSMXpress and finding out why HSMWorks is considered the leader in CAM for SolidWorks – with the “The Free CAM Solution for SolidWorks.” *12

* Free = standalone license, activation required
1 Must possess a valid license of SolidWorks 2011 or greater; includes Student Licenses, Educational Licenses, and Commercial/Industrial Licenses.
2 Free Autodesk software licenses and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement or terms of service, as applicable, that accompany such software or cloud-based services.

There are a couple of items we need to cover that are mandatory for you to agree to and understand so please take a few moments to review these items prior to submitting your download registration form. By submitting the download registration form you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined below and in our End User License Agreement (EULA).

Item 1 • Registration Information

The only non-technical requirement we have for you to use HSMXpress is that you provide us with your accurate contact information including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Phone, and a desired Screen Name for the HSMWorks/HSMXpress Forum.

Sometime over the next twelve months we will contact you via email or by phone to audit the information and make sure the data you provided is accurate and correct. If the first attempt is not successful a second attempt will be made. If both attempts are unsuccessful in that you a) do not reply with the original information provided during your initial download registration or b) if you are unable to be reached via phone making it impossible to verify your contact information, your complimentary license will be deactivated. We are requiring this information to accurately gauge who is using our software and where, geographically, they reside. We are also asking for, and you are agreeing to give us, the ability to communicate with you from time to time to tell you about important technical notices, available updates and upgrades, and anything we deem important enough to spend time typing up to send to you.

Item 2 • Technical Requirements

In order to run HSMXpress you will need the following:

  1. A valid SolidWorks license; SolidWorks 2009 or newer – and like any proper Gold Partner, we support the current and previous two versions of SolidWorks so no worries there
  2. A PC meeting the minimum requirements to run SolidWorks. However, we recommend a nice HP Z-Workstation or HP EliteBook Mobile Workstation like the ones we use at HSMWorks. They are very nice – and we are picky.
  3. Serial communications included in HSMXpress Edit requires that you have a physical and properly functioning RS232 Serial Port on your Workstation or PC. This can be a physical serial port, a serial communications card (PCI, etc.), or USB to Serial Converter (typically a USB to DB9 Serial converter/adaptor). We recommend, model USBG232, for those requiring a USB to Serial converter/adaptor.

Item 3 • Support

Support for HSMXpress is provided through the HSMWorks and HSMXpress Forum. This means that Forum Moderators and HSMWorks and HSMXpress Users can contribute information and provide assistance with technical questions as they relate to the use and operation of HSMXpress. The Forums are monitored by Development Staff so if an important question arises or a potential bug is identified the right people are watching to make sure things are addressed in a timely manner.

Note: If you are curious why we combined the HSMWorks and HSMXpress Support into one Forum the answer is simple. HSMWorks users utilize the same functionality that is available with HSMXpress so regardless of the feature or function, everyone needs to be in the loop.

Item 4 • Forum Registration

By completing and submitting the download registration form you are asking to be added as a user for the HSMWorks and HSMXpress Forums. The Screen Name you provide will set up for you along with your User Name (email address you provide) and a temporary password.

The two main sections of the Forum are HSMWorks and HSMXpress Support and Post Processors. The HSM Support section is for all questions related to the use and operation of the HSM applications themselves. The Post Processor section is where users can ask questions about post modifications or functionality and even share posts with one another. There is also a general discussion area that allows for non-support and non-post processor related discussions. The forum is an HSMWorks and HSMXpress Forum and is therefore limited to discussions of our products. If someone posts something out of line we’ll remove it. If you have an axe to grind – it’s not getting ground here.

You have SolidWorks.
Now Get HSMXpress and Go Make Something!

Ok, so that wasn’t painful. Now complete and submit the Download Registration Form below, get your license, and go make something!

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Required I affirm that the information provided is correct and accurate

By checking this box you are affirming that the information provided is correct and accurate, and that you agree to abide by all terms laid out in the HSMXpress End-User-License-Agreement and Forum Guidelines. Furthermore, you understand that we will be contacting you at some point to verify the information you provided and, if you are unable or unwilling to validate the information provided you will forfeit the ability to run HSMXpress and your license will be deactivated.

Required I understand that download and use of HSMXpress is free and DOES NOT obligate any purchase from Autodesk, Inc.

By checking this box you understand that download and use of HSMXpress DOES NOT obligate you to make any purchase from Autodesk, Inc. and that a standalone license of HSMXpress is being made available to qualified users as an electronic download free of charge. If you are approached by or receive communication from anyone claiming that you are required to submit some form of payment to them in exchange for the use of HSMXpress please contact Autodesk, Inc. immediately so we can monitor the situation and take whatever actions are necessary to protect our user community from predators.


I have read and accept the EULA
Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA)