Download HSMWorks

A user account and password is required to download. If you do not have a user account, please complete the evaluation form to request an account.

Customers should have received their account information from their local HSMWorks reseller.


This download will install the HSMWorks Add-In on a system with SolidWorks or upgrade any already installed version of HSMWorks Add-In, Standard or Professional.

HSMWorks2017-R3.41577 / February 15, 2017
HSMWorks2016-R4.41148 / September 1, 2016
HSMWorks 2015 R4.39816 / September 25, 2015
HSMWorks 2014 R3.37424 / June 20, 2014
HSMWorks 2013 R4.35242 / October 21, 2013
HSMWorks 2012 R5.33435 / December 17, 2012
HSMWorks 2011 R4.26959 / September 20, 2011
HSMWorks 2010 R3.23003 / November 30, 2010
HSMWorks 2009 R3.19505 / March 5, 2010

HSMWorks License Manager

Required for using floating licenses.

HSMWorks License Manager / December 17, 2012

HSMWorks Update Dongle Utility

Required only if using a dongle and you don't have Internet access on the PC where HSMWorks is installed.

HSMWorks Update Dongle Utility / November 8, 2009

HSMWorks Distributed CAM Services

Install on one or more PC's on your local area network to enable automatic distribution of CAM calculations. Requires activation in the license to run and can only be used with floating licenses. This installation supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.