HSMWorks 2012 Help

HSMWorks 2012 Help

Welcome to the HSMWorks 2012 Help

HSMWorks is a fully integrated CAD/CAM system which allows effective generation of high quality 2D and 3D milling toolpaths for high speed machining.

This product comes both as a standalone application and as an add-in for SolidWorks. This document primarily describes the CAM functionality of the product, while the CAD part is documented in the SolidWorks User's Guide.

To get started with using HSMWorks, please read the getting started section, and/or have a look at one of the example files.


  • Reference - In-depth descriptions of all HSMWorks features, strategies, parameters etc.


For general support on using HSMWorks, please contact your HSMWorks reseller.

You can find the list of HSMWorks resellers and their contact information on the HSMWorks website, under Resellers:


Feedback & Bug Reports

If you come across a problem or bug in the software, please submit a report to HSMWorks using the built-in feedback dialog. The Send Feedback dialog is accessed by selecting Send Feedback from the CAM menu.

The Send Feedback dialog automatically creates a screenshot of the SolidWorks session, so before opening the dialog, please position the part so that the problem is visible. A copy of the currently open SolidWorks file is also sent along, as well as information about your system.

Send Feedback dialog.

If you wish to add more files to your feedback report, you can copy these to the folder which is opened when pressing Open folder to add/remove files.... If you wish to remove files from the report you can do so by deleting them from this folder before pressing Send.

After the bug report has been evaluated by the HSMWorks development team, you will receive an e-mail with a Ticket Number used to track the status of the bug report. If you have any questions regarding the status of a submitted request, please contact support@hsmworks.com and include the Ticket Number.

To help our development team in quickly identifying and fixing bugs, it is important that you submit all the relevant information, but at the same time keep the problem as simple as possible.

Example: If you find a problem generating a specific toolpath on a part belonging to a larger assembly, please try to open the part directly, so you don't have to submit the entire assembly. Delete all other operations. Reduce the stepover etc. to create the smallest possible toolpath that clearly shows the problem. Once you have simplified the problem, zoom in on the relevant area of the part, and use the 'Send Feedback' feature.

If for some reason you cannot use the Send Feedback dialog, or for general comments and feature requests, please feel free to write to us on support@hsmworks.com.

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