About HSMWorks

HSMWorks – the CAM solution for SolidWorks, was released in 2008 at SolidWorks World in New Orleans. The revolutionary CAM solution was designed to provide users with unparalleled ease-of-use through a truly seamless integration with SolidWorks. The concept was simple – if you know SolidWorks, you should know HSMWorks. Not content on just having a standard setting Certified Gold Partner integration, HSMWorks set the bar on performance too. HSMWorks was the first native 64-bit, true multi-core CAM solution. This meant power users could take full advantage of the latest workstation technology from leading hardware providers like HP and their line of HP Z Workstations and EliteBook Mobile Workstations. Last, and equally as important, HSMWorks delivered high quality tool paths that veteran CNC programmers and machinists could quickly appreciate for their efficient cycle times and improved surface finish. Integration, performance, and quality - three characteristics that would define the product over the next five years.

HSMWorks realized that the key to success in CAM was more than just technology, it took understanding the different users of CAM and what was important for each one.

Veteran CNC Programmers – performance and quality mean the most to power users. That and the flexibility necessary to approach each machining project with the tools necessary to cut parts the way they need to be cut. It is no surprise that 50% of HSMWorks user base is comprised of veteran CNC programmers looking for a better way to program, a better CAM solution.

Designers and Engineers – as the costs of CNC machining centers began to drop over the last decade and the technology of machining became more approachable, a new group of users began researching and implementing CNC machining into their prototype shops, product engineering firms, and small businesses. These were designers, engineers, inventors, hobbyists, craftsmen, and a new generation of entrepreneurs who recognized the value of machining in-house. By controlling the machining process these users could better preserve design intent and control costs. They could create prototypes faster and for less cost than sending the work out. Managing inventory levels became less costly and short production runs could be accommodated without rush order charges or delays. Most important to these users – they wanted a CAM solution that worked like their CAD solution. They expected to learn machining, but not another software program. HSMWorks was designed to empower this new group of users and provide them with the workflow and seamless design to machining experience they expected. And, with over 50% of our user base comprised of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs, HSMWorks has proven that, given the right tools, anyone can successfully add machining to their portfolio of capabilities.

To expose more and more people to the benefits of integrated CAM, in December of 2011 HSMWorks ApS released a new product called HSMXpress – the free CAM solution for SolidWorks. This was the first free, fully functional CAM solution ever released for users who needed to program 2-1/2 Axis milling projects. Like HSMWorks, HSMXpress took full advantage of the 64-bit, multi-core HSMWorks CAM kernel and integration with SolidWorks. HSMXpress even offers advanced toolpath simulation, graphical setup sheets, a powerful post processor system, and even includes an industry leading CNC editor with file compare, math ops, NC-functions, backplotting, and serial communications. The end result is HSMXpress allows SolidWorks users to experience the very best of integrated CAM at no risk and for no charge.

In 2012 Autodesk, Inc. purchased HSMWorks. Today HSMWorks – the CAM solution for SolidWorks, continues to be developed for SolidWorks users by the same team that started HSMWorks over five years ago. With the backing of Autodesk, HSMWorks will continue to be the leading CAM solution for SolidWorks for years to come.

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