MCADCafe article features HSMWorks

HSMWorks is featured in a recent article on that reviews the latest high-end workstation from HP and looks at the benefit of multi core/multi processor systems.

HSMWorks featured in benchmark test of high-end HP workstation
Processing time reduced from 2 days to just 26 minutes!

Highlight from the article:

Processing Time Reduced from 2 Days to Just 26 Minutes! The part itself is the core half of a 10 x 10 inch plastic injection mold supplied by one of HSMWork's customers. After trying, unsuccessfully, to create a toolpath with several other CAM systems, the customer was forced to split the part into 4 smaller parts requiring less memory, and then calculate each segment separately, each taking approximately 12 hours to calculate. This resulted in a total of 2 days calculation time. The customer, obviously frustrated, turned to HSMWorks' multi-core accessible software to see what they could do with the part. By taking full advantage of HP's xw8600 workstation HSMWorks was able to calculate this complex toolpath in just 26 minutes!

Benchmark test reveals a 6.5X improvement in time saving performance on 1 verses 8 cores

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